“After I’m done with you, you’ll believe exactly how appealing you are. How sensual. How beautiful.”

When Lia Sawyer realizes she’s ready to move beyond her abusive past and start dating again, there’s just one problem: she’s still afraid of being touched by a man. Because of that, rumor around town is that she’s frigid. Her solution? Ask her friend Jack Gibson for help. After all, he’s one of her best friends—a man she’s always trusted.

Jack fell in love with his best friend’s younger sister years ago, although he kept that to himself when she married her high school boyfriend. But Lia’s been a widow for two years now and it’s time he asked her out. Only when she comes to him with a bizarre request—give her lessons on how to be touched by a man so she can date one of Meadowview’s hot firefighters—his entire plan is thwarted.

Reluctantly, Jack agrees to Lia’s plan but secretly creates one of his own: during the course of their “lessons,” he’ll make sure she falls in love—with him. But it will take fire and ice to break through Lia’s emotional barriers, and Jack is running out of time…


“Good enough to make me want to read the third one and all after that too! I am a French Fan!”

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“I’ve fallen for the Meadowview series!”



“Rochelle French is a great writer! I cannot wait to read the next one in the series.”

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“Enjoy the characters, the town and the unique, yet fun writing style that the author brings to the table.”

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